Creativity has always been an essential element in Adreon Henry’s life. From an early age Adreon made use of his artistic gifts and he has continued to support himself through art, music, photography and design. Through many creative endeavors, while in high-school, he opened a skateboard shop and later, while in college, started his own line of skateboards featuring his own designs. After high school Adreon was offered multiple opportunities for art schools but he decided to get a Bachelors Degree in Advertising from the University of Texas. He understood having a marketing degree would only benefit his ability to live on his creative means; to earn a living doing what he loves and what he is good at. That little skateboard company called Scapegoat introduced Adreon to a new passion. Art.

Adreon was making displays for his skateboarding line to send to a company in Taiwan. They asked if they could order more displays from him because people had bought all of them from their stores. He quickly realized the material he was using, vinyl, was not only durable and functional but also very very versatile. After this epiphany, Adreon entered his first group art show at Science 102 gallery in Austin, TX and he sold every piece.

Through an intense amount of motivation and hard work, Adreon’s work has traveled from coast to coast in the U.S. and overseas in Germany and France. His artistic talents have afforded him opportunities with Volcom Entertainment, Barneys COOP, the Serié Print Project and the David Lynch Foundation. The Albuquerque Film Festival awarded him a residency to create 15 paintings inspired by Dean Stockwell’s acting career.

Adreon continues to push visual boundaries and experience with his art exhibits. He alters not only the visual landscape but also the audible landscape. He has a multitude of techniques but vinyl and silk screen are constants. This combination of materials lends to the “style” that is an Adreon Henry piece and the complexity of his ideas.