Video Production

What: A quick behind-the-scenes video for local boot manufacturer, Helm, for their 2014 Spring line.

Where: Helm, being an Austin brand, chose to photograph their new line at Canopy Artist Studios, which is a few blocks from the Helm offices. 

How: As their in-house photographer, Ethan …, snapped photos of their handsome new line, I documented the event from ladders, skateboards, etc. Once the shoot was in the can Jennifer Henry set out to edit the footage together giving the footage a consistent style and voice. Joshua Bingham, the owner of Helm, had specially requested Helm employee Blank Blank's band to supply the soundtrack for the video. 

What: Video for Leave Lights On from Treasure House EP (2014), by videoing.

Where: I shot the footage at night. Various lighting techniques and camera angles were used to create a mystic, yet campy feel. Jennifer Henry then sifted through extensive footage to find the perfect shots for the song's demeanor, using various speeds and numerous shots per frame, finally editing the clips together to create a cohesive visual representation of Leave Lights On.

What: Video produced for the release of videoing's Night Watch single and Reader LP.

Where: Jennifer Henry and I filmed this video in the dark night of the summer, 2012. Most footage was shot in empty streets and sleepy houses. Jennifer Henry edited the video using abstract images and techniques to achieve the dark edge that boils from the first beat and image to the last.